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David Guetta's star profile

  Written by Alison
Born in Paris on 7 November 1967 (time unknown).

David Guetta is a Scorpio. His time of birth is unknown, so we don't have his ascendant and are unsure of the sign of his Moon (in Capricorn until 10.00 pm, then Aquarius). Despite this, his chart, although incomplete, reveals all kinds of aspects of this born grafter.

What is most striking in this DJ's chart is his exceptional energy and ability to control his immense vitality, which is enlivened by his bold outlook.

Neptune conjunct the Sun is a definite sign of creativity. David Guetta doesn't like following the beaten track and is attracted by offbeat and unusual situations. He is able to control his intuitive reactions and has an absolute gift for getting to grips with an atmosphere and adapting to it, but he is particularly good at transforming and manipulating this atmosphere to make it go exactly where he wants. This is obviously a very valuable asset in his profession!

Mercury is also in Scorpio, giving him excellent intellectual abilities, psychological depth and a very sure instinct regarding all aspects of communication. He knows what will go down well and what will not. He tunes into things that are left unsaid and can spot a lie from miles away! Depending on his time of birth, Mercury could possibly form a negative aspect to the Moon, making him moody and verbally aggressive when he is disgruntled.

Good aspects to and from Jupiter give him a desire and talent for self expression, but also for being listened to and understood. Venus in Virgo makes him emotionally reserved with a tendency to be cerebral, but also completely original. He can be rather awkward when expressing his feelings and does not necessarily try to attract attention so much to himself as to what he does.

Public recognition is necessary for his self-confidence, but opposition from Saturn could make him feel unsatisfied, with the impression he is not loved as he would like to be, with all his differences going well beyond music itself. He is a great romantic who hides behind his mixing decks and is capable of going back to square one if the situation demands it. He is truly resourceful, physically, morally and emotionally.

However, this does not make it an ideal placing for amassing wealth: he has little motivation other than financial security; opposition from Saturn which restricts his finance zone; and a conjunction with Uranus, which could make him outrageously extravagant at times…

Those around him may find his personality rather inflexible, severe, withdrawn and cold (especially if the Moon is in Capricorn). However, he is a man who is aware of human suffering, sympathetic and charitable, but he doesn't like expressing his feelings, especially in public. This is only ever an outer shell to enable him to face all situations with the same aplomb.

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I like it I don't like it
Posted the 09/06/2018 at 04h14
My characters always remein the same and when i am not playing i still motivate the guy.

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