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Astro Profile of baby Cancer

  Written by Mary
Canceris a Water sign and Cancerian babies are born under the auspices of the Moon! Physical affection, a regular routine and a devoted mother: these are the necessary parameters for the development of a Cancerian baby. These are babies who will need reassurance day and night and could be subject to night terrors. You therefore need to have had plenty of rest before you get home and ask for help if you find it difficult to wake up in the middle of the night!

These are children that prefer to have people and things to themselves and find it difficult to share. Later, they will run from aggression and conflict. Gentle and generous by nature, Cancerians are solitary and very sensitive. They will do anything to please and obey their parents in everything! To thrive, they will need constant love. When neglected, they go into a sulk. They therefore need to be prepared gently for facing the world around them.

It is a good idea to get them used to socialising very early on, meeting other children and adults other than those in their family environment. They need to be able to come out of their shell gradually in order to take off socially! By all means mother them, but push them towards others as well! Do not hesitate to enrol them at the crèche, nursery or with a childminder.

This is a child that enjoys fairy stories and fantasies, so offer them the great classics, such as Grimm's Fairy Tales, Alice in Wonderland or Harry Potter, but also give them a variety of construction toys, bricks and cubes for creating their own story! These are imaginative children, who act by instinct and are real ‘sponges', who will replicate your mood. They are very attentive and will also show great warmth. They are an absolute delight to have around! Learn more about the Cancer rising sign.

Living with the Cancerian Baby!

Cancerian children are very sensitive and can be temperamental. They are ruled by their feelings and have difficulty in controlling their emotions. You can help to reassure them by encouraging them to spread their wings. Try not to be over-protective (and this is what they are seeking above all else), but suggest new ideas, though making sure you do not show them any less affection. The need for affection is a real and absolute necessity for them, enabling them to develop self-esteem and confidence.

Planet : The Moon
Element : Water
Motto : I feel
Colour : Pearl Grey
Strength : Sensitive
Weakness : Unrealistic
Sense : Sound
Comforter: A soft toy !
Favourite pastime: Drawing, design, music
Favourite animal : Cat
Social life : Part of a group, but taking a back seat

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