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Astro Profile of baby Leo

  Written by Mary
Leo babies are born at the height of summer! Leo is a Fire sign and the Leo baby is born under the Sun's influence and completely in the sign's image. Charming, quick and bright, Leo babies like to be king of the castle. Even when tiny, they like to put on airs, sparkle and smile at everyone, showing a natural inclination to be the one who rules!

They are very self-confident and proud, already knowing a considerable amount for their age. They are sometimes said to be precocious! They are interested in everything and find it hard to stay in one place, always taking the lead. This is probably why they will be popular with their teachers during their time at school.

They always show interest and drive when with others and in a group! They want to be centre-stage, so, whether in football ‘matches', ‘ indoor games' or ‘scooter' racing, they are always among the winners! Leo babies do not go for half-measures: for them, life is a competition, whatever the issue! Liking contact with others, they will quickly grow into children who have a steady stream of friends of both sexes.

Life with a Leo baby is therefore not a rest! You will also have to teach them not to want to win all the time and even accept defeat sometimes. They are very bad losers and could also turn their hand effectively to cheating! Their pride makes them aim for perfection… They therefore need to be put in their place from time to time, to be able to gain acceptance from their friends.

Leo babies need the admiration of others to survive and feel unhappy when no-one is interested in them. They have a large heart and ask for and demand much from others. They are self-possessed children who want to excel at all times, but also need a lot of affection! Learn more about the Leo rising sign.

Living with the Leo baby!

Leo children are very sure of themselves. However, rather than dwelling on this as a weakness, give them plenty of affection. If they are showered with love, they will have less need to stand out or behave selfishly due to lack of affection and thirst for recognition. They will need your input to be able to learn altruism and the selflessness needed in some situations, and in particular to learn that humility, when genuine, is one of the best ways or making progress, without it affecting the ego.

Planet : Sun
Element : Fire
Motto : I want
Colour : Yellow
Strength : Generous
Weakness : Quick-tempered
Sense : Sight
Comforter: A Lion
Favourite pastime: Groupe leader
Favourite animal : Swan
Social life : Leader; being no. 1 !

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Scorpio sponono
Posted the 13/10/2016 at 09h06
Please tell me my future e.g work and love
I like it I don't like it
Leo Evita
Posted the 08/07/2017 at 08h17
I love reading my horoscope this website is amazing
I like it I don't like it
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Leo Evita
Posted the 08/07/2017 at 08h17
I love reading my horoscope this website is amazing
Thanks Evita ! Have a nice day

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