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Around the Stars this month !

  Written by Daisy
Edito: Browse through the stars to know the position and movement of the planets. An astral landscape written by Susan which also helps you to understand your monthly horoscope for February 2018 ! here, they are for this month of for February 2018!

Your ephemeris for February 2018

Thus in February the Sun evolves in Aquarius until the 18th! A reformer by nature and often a free spirit, expect the energy of this sign to push you to excess around the 10th when the best will be the enemy of good. Then try to temper your ardor and strictly follow the law if you do not want to be called to order. Ditto on the social level where a small wind of rebellion could blow today! On the other hand, the sun will harmoniously cross the road of Uranus (master of Aquarius) on the 14th! The opportunity to launch new ideas and unprecedented, creative measures that could open paths and doors to the future. From the 18th, the Sun slips into Pisces and sharpens our intuition and our sensitivity that we will have at heart to explore and exploit in a constructive way from the 25th. Perhaps, in order to humanize this world, a little, which needs it so much!

Mercury travels through the sign of Aquarius until the 18th and invites us, from the beginning of the month, to dare, even to provoke and either way to open the debates. A bit controversial on the 3rd, we can rely on the messenger of the gods to put his cards on the table, even bringing down the gavel! Caution is recommended on the 13th where our audacity could turn to temerity and then we will face some setbacks (financial, legal etc.)However, we will know what to say on the 15th to plead our case and to assert our principles, our values and our rights and to preach in favor of a freedom of expression dear to our hearts! From the 18th, Mercury will evolve in Pisces, and on the 21st, gives substance to our ideas and anchors our initiatives in the long term. Inspired on the 25th, however, take care not to start unnecessary controversies that could even be dangerous on the 28th where we will not be able to take things with a grain of salt and where the atmosphere may be a little explosive for everyone!

Vénus in Aquarius until the 10th likes to overturn the codes and barriers and to flirt with the law (the 4th)! Whether in love or in business, today let's keep from committing irregularities at the risk of being promptly unmasked! We can put a little rumba in the air and fantasy in our love life on the 7th where a crush or a flame from the past cannot be ruled out. From the 10th, Vénus migrates into Pisces and will invite us much more to fidelity and the depths of feelings and engagements on the 15th. However, pay attention around the 21st to possible misunderstandings or uncontrolled slip ups, which could trigger disputes, even to provoke a clash on the 25th! It is up to us (on the 27th) to make every effort to move the link in the right direction and to transform a little (a lot) our approach to love and the couple.

Mars cavorts in Sagittarius throughout the month and tackles February drum beating, on the 3rd, when this spirited planet should spice up the exchanges and push us to engage and support all but lukewarm debates! Beware of errors in your aim, blunders and other misunderstandings on the 17th when our clarity of mind will be at half mast and our initiatives will be clumsy. We will then not be safe from malevolence but also not really willing ourselves to play fair. Then pay attention to the consequences of our actions or our words that could trigger rather sharp clashes on the 25th where, hypersensitive, we will not be inclined to moderation and not really willing to channel our emotions. However, this is what needs to be done!

Jupiter evolves in Scorpio since October 10th, 2017 and will not leave this sign, symbol of metamorphosis, until November 8th, 2018! We must now, under the pressure of Scorpio, take and traverse a new path that we have found in Libra. There will undoubtedly be transformations to be made, difficulties to face, and challenges to be met until November 2018, but we hope that our efforts will not be in vain and that we will soon (end 2018) begin to reap the rewards of a crossing sometimes stormy but an infinite carrier of positive transformations! In February, Jupiter will blow hot and cold but tend to favor excess. Whether it is zeal, enthusiasm or self-confidence, it would be more prudent to contain our desires and our temptation to go beyond the limits on the 4th, 10th and 13th when we will probably want everything and preferably everything right away but note that it is at your own risk and peril!

Saturn evolves since December 20th, 2017 (and until December 2020) in the sign of Capricorn, which it controls. At ease and in its element, Saturn will attempt to materialize the changes that began last time and actually started a while ago! Not necessarily in joy and good humor but with the firm intention to build on solid ground! In February, the "great teacher" of the zodiac tends to procrastinate, to play the referee and to calm things down (like the Jupiterian fire) on the 15th, the 21st and the 25th where this austere planet should help us to make weighted decisions and to act taking into account the long term! This month there is a precious energy to thwart or at least to stem the flow as it is a little nervous and capricious, in order to work on the individual and collective plan!

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