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Love horoscope for for June 2020 for the sign of for Cancer

  Written by Daisy

Love: A (Relative) Withdrawal Period!
It is not in June that you surrender to the vertigo of love. Venus invites you to reflect and recommends that you ask yourself about your emotional life, take a step back from your stories to determine how they correspond to what you expect from the relationship. Search your heart, your secret hopes, and become aware, ami Cancer, of your faults. You will know more from the 25th by learning lessons from the past and applying their lessons.

1st decan (June 21st - July 1st): Your Personal Projects Take Precedence Over Your Love!
Between June 9th and 25th, your loves are on standby. Now is the time to take stock of what your relationship brings you. Then you will know where you are and what you need to change to start a new emotional cycle with chances to thrive. Even if you don't have questions about your love affairs, you are mobilized this month by projects to be carried out.

2nd decan (July 2nd - July 12th): Not the Right Timing!
Until the 9th, Venus invites you to put yourself on "pause" in love to determine if your relationships meet your desires. However, you are moved by a desire to broaden your horizons. You are tempted to go too fast or throw an overly critical look at your emotional life. You risk triggering lasting conflicts and resentment. Meditate on the issue rather than make emotional, regretful, or angry decisions.

3rd decan (July 13th - July 22nd): Anything is Possible!
Do not invest your energy in a disappointing fantasy. Get started instead. Your possibilities for meeting people or commitments are confirmed at the end of the month. A crush or a love story that lasts and makes your heart beat hard. You will want to turn a corner. If you want to break up, initiate an amicable procedure. If you want to get married, get married. Now is also the right time.

Advice from FREE Horoscope:

June advises you to take a step back from your feelings. It will give you the necessary perspective to assess your relationship and expectations on the emotional level.

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Horoscope for June 2020
Horoscope for June 2020
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