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Cancer, your love horoscope for Fall 2019

  Written by Daisy

Love : pas (plus) question de faire cavalier seul !
If you start the season listening to your loved ones (until October 8th), then count on Venus (between October 8th and November 1st) to boost your power of seduction and your libido, and give a little color to your loves! Between the end of November and December 20th, this delicious planet will expressly invite you to take a step towards the other ami Cancer. From December 2nd, Jupiter will take charge (until December 19th, 2020) to encourage all kinds of reconciliation and even commitments (for some officially) in the long term!

1st decan (June 21st - July 1st): A Festive End to the Fall!
if, for some time, you've had it in mind to guide your life otherwise (or elsewhere) and aspire to open the future at your leisure, then in October (the 7th, 12th, and 28th), take care to consult the other before embarking on projects that are undoubtedly audacious and exciting, but are essential to validate with whomever you love before you go ahead and engage without prior consultation. You will not lack charm or arguments to convince. Just maybe a little patience and consideration for your partner who would not necessarily appreciate that you decide for them and everyone! At the beginning of November (between the 1st and the 9th) you will undoubtedly take the opinion of others into account more and you will have the heart to serve the collective cause but could seriously slip up around the 24th, where you will have an interest in composing with rather than imposing your ideas on an entourage who will not necessarily hear it your way!

In a Relationship, of course, you're overflowing with great ideas to make sense of your future, but take good care, this fall, to expose your beautiful projects to your partner who may not necessarily share your views. If you take them by surprise and do not associate them with your plans, you may well displease your lover. Thus, despite a stunning charm (between October 8th and 16th) and a willingness to do well (between November 1st and 9th) maybe wait for the end of the season (late November and in December) to act, but not before obviously having taken the time to seduce!

Single, in spite of a bright radiance and future prospects that exalt you and could please you, if you persist in going it alone and playing it too personally, you could miss some beautiful opportunities to attract whoever you like in your nets. You will probably be more aware of the need to plead your case and associate the other with your plans at the end of the season. Enough, so that from the beginning of winter you can open the doors of tomorrow, together!

2nd decan (July 2nd - July 12th) : Do Nothing and Especially Don't Commit... Lightly!
Saturn still weighs on your exchanges and tends to make you sift through your relationships with your entourage? If this austere planet weighs on your wings a little until December 19th, you can rely on Venus early in the season (late September) to multiply the small gestures that could comfort your loved ones who will see that you do everything in your power (the 24th and 28th) to close the ranks. The current will not necessarily pass on the 25th, and in October (the 7th). So, you will have to be careful to remain open to any discussion if you do not want to fall into the impasse! Fortunately, your undeniable charm and an apparent desire to make yourself understood (and appreciated) should allow you (the 14th, 15th, 20th, and 21st of October) to raise the debate and change the bond! But beware (on the 27th) not to impose anything on anyone. Especially in your family where we will not take your demonstrations of authority! In November, you will have sufficient wisdom to stabilize and solidify the union and/or, why not, make a commitment if it is not already done (the 8th, 9th, 11th, and 13th)!

In a Relationship, if Saturn has more or less forced you, this year, to frame (reframe) your bond, or frustrated some desires to ignore reality and yield to a lightness, which you have a priori missed, then you should, however, congratulate yourself at the end of the season on resisting the temptation to skip the essential! So, from the end of November, you will undoubtedly have the opportunity to strengthen your union and give it meaning and indeed, height!

Single, you are less tempted than usual to trust the other? Between the desire to take advantage of the present moment, an opportunity that comes within your reach to have a good time, and the intimate conviction that it would be inappropriate to commit lightly, you should evolve, this fall, towards a radical awareness that, for a relationship to last it must, above all, rest on a communion of spirit and on a solid foundation. Your preference (a little oriented and constrained by Saturn, it is true) could then encourage you to make an important choice, even to commit for the long-term at the end of November or in December!

3rd decan (July 13th - July 22nd): Beautiful Opportunities to Seize!
Pluto certainly pushes you to ask questions about the legitimacy or the depth of your commitments? Pay attention in late September (the 26th) and in October (the 1st and 14th) not to hurt anyone's feelings (susceptibilities). Especially in your family, where the exchanges could be a little tense and questionable if you do not give a little of yourself and lead your troops! On the other hand, if you pour your heart into the service of the community and work diligently and kindly to manage the stewardship smoothly and warm up the atmosphere (13th), you could see your popularity rise sharply! Endowed with an irresistible charm, you should have no trouble captivating whoever you want (the 19th, 25th, and 30th of October)! If you carefully avoid, at the beginning of November (5th), laying down the law at home or in your entourage. Get ready to end the season in beauty and, without a doubt, in love!

In a Relationship, while waiting for January 2020 and maybe some radical decisions to be taken on the relationship front, try to compromise as a family (in late September and October) rather than trying to impose your will on everyone, at your own risk! Prefer smoothing things over and betting on your charisma and your power of attraction to narrow the ranks (the 13th, 19th, 25th, and 30th)! Beware of clashes in early November (5th) if you make the decisions for everyone. On the other hand, do not hesitate to redouble your zeal (on the 10th, 12th, and 24th) where your initiatives may well please and give those who love you the desire to grant you their confidence and affection!

Single, if you have a lot of questions about the relationship you would like to experience, you will probably have to wait until January to find answers or decide on a vision about what no longer suits you depending on how far you have come and the lessons you have learned from the past! However, be careful this autumn to make some concessions and grease the wheels when you work with family or in the immediate vicinity! Starting in mid-October, Jupiter could offer you some great opportunities to get noticed and loved by the community. So, take advantage of this happy passage to please those you love and, why not, attract the attention of your crush (November 12th and 24th?)!

Advice from FREE Horoscope:

An autumn where you will all benefit (each one in your turn) from flows that carry you and can help you warm up the atmosphere or even turn a corner! It is, therefore, up to you to optimize this trend by giving up imposing your principles too much and giving orders. Remain attentive to your loved ones who will then thank you for participating in everyone's welfare rather than bossing everyone around!

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