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Cancer, your love horoscope for Summer 2019

  Written by Daisy

Love: Perhaps, a Season to Understand What you Want?
In July, Venus invites you to look back on the past to learn valuable emotional lessons. This delicious planet enhances your power of seduction and illuminates your emotional relationships that were problematic: lack of understanding, difficulty trusting. Between late July and late August, you show the best of yourself, you enjoy the earthly pleasures, you have a good time, and you devour life beautifully. Between August 21st and mid-September, communication is recommended to close ranks with your loved ones, in order to evolve more at home with family and to get closer to those who count.

1st decan (June 21st - July 1st): The Future is in Line of Sight!
Venus is your ally in the early summer. Count on this planet to help you rally your entourage around your daring projects. But do not exceed your means and do not demand that we obey you without balking, you should lower your tone so you don't provoke resistance to your projects of fantasy that are expensive. Bet on a favored communication in late August and early September to get support from your loved ones. At the end of the season, you close the ranks and prove that everything you do is designed to improve the comfort of your loved ones.

In a Relationship: you have projects and a vision of the world that you want to share with your loved ones but give up imposing anything and do not play with your finances. Enjoy late June and early July to captivate your loved ones but avoid doing too much so as not to scare everyone away. Then you will be able to pass your messages in late August and early September, you will be unanimous from the 14th to the 22nd of September.

Single: your irresistible aura attracts the attention of everyone but beware of a greed that will hurt you if you go it alone. Do not abuse your authority, it irritates some. You will return to popularity in late August and early September, provided you open a creative dialogue and convince people that your projects are worth supporting. At the end of the season, you need to mobilize yourself so that you are appreciated in family and by those you love.

2nd decan (July 2nd - July 12th): Face Things!
Take a break at the beginning of the season (end of June) to reflect on the past year and on your relationships which probably pose a problem. Do not rush into the first love story that passes without reflection. In July, you do not lack charm but ask yourself the right questions. After this assessment, what do you expect from each other and from the relationship? Raise your level of requirement and evolve your loves. At the end of July and in August, you will seize great opportunities to have a good time and improve your daily life. Caution is, however, recommended in September: you take your dreams for a reality that you run away with. You need to maintain dialogue with your relatives who will seek to bring you back down to Earth. Listen to them as they help you fulfill your responsibilities.

In a Relationship: Since the beginning of the year, Saturn has been pushing you to examine your relationship. Look at the problems, do not dodge them, face what is stuck to avoid a stalemate. If the dialogue is difficult, it is nevertheless by facing it that you will manage to know what you really want.

Single: it's not by taking refuge in artificial worlds or trying to escape from reality that you will build strong bonds. Venus reinforces your power of seduction and sharpens your desires but you must analyze what you really expect from your relationship, even through moments of loneliness and even in a frustration that you feel around July 11th and 17th and then in September.

3rd decan (July 13th - July 22nd): Shed Light on Your Relationships!
Your relationships are challenged under the influence of Pluto. It offers you opportunities to confront problematic situations within your couple or it arouses upsetting encounters. You must consider the problem to determine what to keep or eliminate from the relationship to build a couple that lasts. You can not avoid this news in July: your thirst for love and your desire to shine comes up against the difficulty of understanding the other and establishing a real complicity. Your emotional world seems to you more subject to confrontation than fulfillment but you will enjoy a respite in August and September: your willingness to move forward, communicate, and charm will allow you to resume a constructive dialogue and will give you moments of sharing likely to end the season smoothly and beautifully.

In a Relationship: it's time to look at what's taking you away from your partner. In spite of a desire to please, you will have to deal with blockages which pollute the atmosphere of your relationship. At the end of July, take the opportunity to renew the dialogue and in mid-August enjoy a hypersensitive sensuality to attract the your lover. It is in September that you will enjoy the best conditions to take a decisive step towards the other. Open a dialogue to clarify the shadows and narrow the ranks.

Single: your relationships are not very fulfilling, you come across people who are problematic by generating unconscious impulses, power struggles, or toxic bonds. Do not use your charm indiscriminately, do not seduce someone who would revive negative impulses. At the end of July and mid-August, identify what you like and what makes you happy. In September, you will open a dialogue that will dispel misunderstandings or conflicts and attract someone who can build a more constructive relationship with you.

Advice from FREE Horoscope:

This summer, you will have to make efforts to reach your goals, whether to clarify your relationship with the other or to embark on your projects, you will have to deploy good communication to finish the summer on the right track.

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