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Gemini, your love horoscope for Fall 2019

  Written by Daisy

Love: Your Priority!
Charm to resell at the beginning of autumn where you must be careful to use it with caution if you want it to attract attention rather than the wrath of your entourage! Between October 8th and November 1st, Venus invites you to serve those you love and in November to listen to them without being asked too much. This is the opportunity to close ranks and engage (re-engage) in a relationship that counts! At the end of the season (in December), this delicious planet will tend to boost your desires and your libido. Enough to warm the atmosphere, and why not ami Gemini, to reignite the flame?

1st decan (May 21st - May 31st) : A Big Autumn Clean to do Without Further Delay!
Under the tutelage of Uranus, who is currently influencing your inner world, you are more or less consciously seeking to draw a line on the past! Elements of the past may reappear from time to time and ask to be scrutinized. It is more or less about the long term if you want to free yourself from a weight that hampers your personal development but no doubt you have a little trouble mourning! Count on Venus, in October, to focus on serving others! You will, indeed, be keen to do your best to ensure the well-being of your loved ones. Between the 1st and the 9th of November, you will listen to each other and at the end of the month (the 28th), count on a libido that gains a second wind to reinvent love (28th)! You will then be all fired up in December (the 3rd) and can then prepare yourself to live a warm winter with a big appetite!

In a Relationship, your worst enemy this winter? It will be you and all the turmoil that agitates you from the inside! You have to clean up, which ultimately will have the merit of helping you turn a page and reconnect with who you really are, beyond any genealogy and any inner conditioning. A background work that will sometimes paralyze your desire to express your feelings freely but that ultimately, should prove invaluable. It will allow you to end behavior that is too dependent on the past! At the end of the season (late November, early December), the sky begins to clear, and you could then regain the taste for love and finally enjoy (it will not be too soon) the present moment.

Single, same program for you during an autumn that will probably see you more disturbed by your moods, which are not always obvious to decipher and therefore will only be evacuated by a quest for love that will have difficulty dealing with the ghosts of the past! Uranus urges you to break with the attitudes and habits that bind you! Listen to the advice of this powerful carrier of transcendence to detach yourself from what is no longer and open the door to what comes with no regrets!

2nd decan (June 1st - June 10th): Gaining in Maturity!
The beginning of the season is favorable to any engagement on the 24th and the 28th of September where your loves are in good shape! However, be careful not to focus (on the 25th) on what is lacking in the relationship but rather on its strengths if you want to escape the Saturnian cycle that could, in 2019, generate some unpleasant frustrations where you have to reduce the wind in your sails a little! Same advice to follow around October 7th and 27th when your desires and an exacerbated sensuality could come up against a wall. Whether it is an internal blockage, a lack of confidence in your resources or that you feel rejected by others, avoid acting out or reacting too much ... on edge! Prefer, in October (the 14th, 15th, 20th, and 21st), to give of yourself, smooth things over, or raise the debates rather than finding yourself a little too stuck!

In a Relationship, if autumn is starting rather strongly or even at full speed, you will quickly be brought back to reality by a Saturnian atmosphere that invites you much more to confront your limits rather than your powers! If you had to contend, in 2019, between ephemeral fireworks and being brought back down to Earth a little austerely then try this fall to privilege a certain sense of measure, which will allow you in the end to anchor your relationship on really solid ground and soon hope (from January) to reconnect with a sensual frenzy that you missed! It's up to you to try everything to overcome what stopped you from loving without hindrance!

Single, same treatment for you this autumn, which, if it starts with a fanfare and promises you the Moon, it will, however, have to be managed in conscience and therefore with prudence if you wish to make the best of it and anchor a recent idyll without obscuring the shadows that currently hover over the full expression of your desires. So, try to carefully filter your smallest blockages that are likely to hold back your momentum. They are undoubtedly useful, but rather than trying to make them disappear, integrate them into your world. This is the best way to live your loves all but... lightly because you are conscious of what you had to undertake to achieve your ideal!

3rd decan (June 11th - June 20th): Give of Yourself!
Be careful at the beginning of the season (end of September, beginning of October) not to express your wishes too much! You could hurt some people's feelings or trigger emotions in you or in the other (jealousy for example) that could affect your emotional development (the 26th of September and October 1st and 14th). On the other hand, count on an irresistible charm (on the 13th) to get closer to whoever you like! It's up to you (on the 19th, 25th, and 30th) to send your messages smoothly and give of yourself so that your relationship evolves favorably, or even changes according to your wishes! The result? If you were struggling to agree on stewardship topics, day-to-day management, and the rules for living together in harmony, you could finally come to grips with discussions that dragged on from November 20th and why not make a definite commitment around the 24th? A day that is extremely conducive to signing contracts or passing in front of the mayor!

In a Relationship, an autumn that could make you want to re-engage with your lover around November 24th when, once the issues related to the management of the daily are settled (not before the end of November, or even the beginning of December), you will understand that nothing separates you from your loved one and that you love them with all your heart. Suddenly, you will not hesitate for a second to officially or informally declare your relationship!

Single, avoid being too flashy and flirting too much because your impulses will not be without consequences at the beginning of the season (end of September, beginning of October around the 14th) and could bring you some disappointments, deceptions, or frustrations. It will only affect you! If you really want to forge lasting relationships, prefer to do everything you can to trust the other on the 19th, 25th, and 30th of October where your goodwill could work wonders! Enough to commit? Enjoy the favors of Jupiter (on the 12th and November 24th) to make your request without further ado and especially to make it official!

Advice from FREE Horoscope:

Take advantage of this season to get involved but decidedly in good conscience. If 2019 has been able to expose you to unrealistic reveries or fantasies, you can count on Saturn this fall to help you sort between the essential and the superfluous; what is really worth it or not, or no longer! An opportunity, in the end, to turn a corner towards more fulfillment but not necessarily as you had planned (or hoped) at the start!

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