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Your daily horoscope for Cancer on the 24th of February 2018

  Written by Susan

Your astral forecast

The flux of emotions around you leaves you little room of self-expression. You need mental rest, though there's nothing to be alarmed about. Avoid the unrest and you'll get back your inner composure.



You sense there is someone with unpleasant intentions in your entourage. Your instinct will be right.



You would be well advised to let go and stand back where your love-life is concerned. This will make you realise where you got it wrong. There will be a few surprises.



You're going to have to make up your mind to deal with ideas which don't come from you originally, but complement your own.



You'll find it difficult to concentrate fully on your work. You need to spend less time daydreaming.

What about your Decan today ?

The moon is in Gemini, in position 15 degres, 02 minutes (midday): Lots of things on the go at once, conflict between feelings and reason, social engagements, phone calls, restlessness.

First decan

   (21st June to 1st July)

Your greatest strength is your ability to bounce back. After a failure, you get right back on your feet and set off again. Your ability to adapt lets you stay on target and have your fingers in multiple pies at once. You live in the present and so much the better.

Second decan

   (2nd July to 12th July)

You are looking for your other half and could soon find them. The Moon will hand you mirror where you will see your double. It'll be a true meeting, true romance. You will both have so much to say to each other that it's anybody's guess who will have the last word.

Third decan

   (13th July to 22nd July)

You can get to ponder a new life goal and will manage to escape even the worst dilemmas. In fact, you have a great chance of getting organized and kicking things off without a problem. Today, the stars will make life easier for you.

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