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Your daily horoscope for Gemini on the 18th of January 2020

  Written by Susan

Your astral forecast

You'll know how to turn the unusual circumstances you're going to come across to your advantage. The day when you'll be able to move mountains hasn't arrived yet, so moderate your actions and don't compare yourself with others!



Your single-minded approach is making you want to test those around you and a natural selection procedure is in operation. Try to control your zeal...



You're going to change your approach to be able to understand your partner. Whatever you do, don't rush into things. You are in danger of being tactless despite your best efforts and sabotaging your achievements.



You will find it easy to make an assessment of the last few weeks and apply self-criticism to good effect.



It willl be better to work alone, to be able to tackle your personal challenges. You'll surpass yourself.

What about your Decan today ?

The moon is in Scorpio, in position 09 degres, 41 minutes (midday): Sharp reactions to challenges or provocation. Intense emotions, mental force, lucidity and seductive powers.

First decan

   (21st May to 31st May)

This is a massive challenge for you to take on, but the moon will give you all the strength and courage you need. This sudden ability to get past your natural aloofness will endow you with a mighty strength that you are not used to. You will now be more free to act as you please.

Second decan

   (1st June to 10th June)

You listen to your 6th sense and are right to: even if you don't understand something rationally, like what you're doing and why, you are likely to succeed in the end. In fact, you use your intuition foolproof to guide your business, as well as private, lives.

Third decan

   (11th June to 20th June)

The moon will push you towards the mysterious making you curious about the unexplained, flirting with parapsychology and the most bizarre cases you can find. As always, you love stories, especially ones that make you tremble with delight.

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