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Your daily horoscope for Pisces on the 18th of January 2020

  Written by Susan

Your astral forecast

If you stick to your values, you will have the best day ever, don't listen to anyone else. Life-balance is more within your grasp. Take time before reacting to things and it will work out... Your outlook is the reason why.



Using your initiative today will allow you to untangle a problem that's very close to home.



You will be more intuitive, which will give you a better grasp of what your partner wants. It's up to you to start up a dialogue and give your opinions freely and fully.



Things will move fast today. The climate will be harmonious and collaborations will be productive.



You will know how to make yourself indispensable at the centre of group projects. Give your opinion without hesitation.

What about your Decan today ?

The moon is in Scorpio, in position 09 degres, 41 minutes (midday): Sharp reactions to challenges or provocation. Intense emotions, mental force, lucidity and seductive powers.

First decan

   (19th February to 28th February)

This isn't exactly something you're used to doing, but you will have the critical thinking skills you need to take on your current environment. Your legendary sense of humor will save you from aggression, allowing you to dodge any issue that you don't feel like addressing.

Second decan

   (1st March to 10th March)

You will brighten back up your romance that has been lacking a little recently with your own particular approach. You will use your fiery charm, blowing on the embers to stoke the flames. You are boiling with energy and reawakened passion.

Third decan

   (11th March to 20th March)

You will veto certain initiatives that others are behind, which isn't much like you, but even your tolerance has its limits. You don't give up that easily, though, so they will have to wait for your blessing to move forward. You'll be thrilled!

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