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Your daily horoscope for Taurus on the 19th of March 2019

  Written by Susan

Your astral forecast

People will envy your self-confidence, and this could lead to conflict. Unusual whims and frenetic impulses will leave you tired - curb your enthusiasm for physical activity.



If you concentrate too much on the details, you will have a tendency to see obstacles where there aren't any.



You will have an urgent desire to make your relationship official. It's too early and there are still foundations you need to lay down before you reach this stage. Be optimistic, your patience will pay off.



You automatically feel channelled towards broadening your skills. There will be recognition and gratitude to boot.



Don't be shy to speak openly with your colleagues; you'll need to be insistent to get your point across today.

What about your Decan today ?

The moon is in Virgo, in position 05 degres, 56 minutes (midday): Sensitivity dominated by reason. Modesty, caution, atmosphere of neatness, nervousness, chattiness.

First decan

   (21st April to 1st May)

Constructive effort will be fruitful and the atmosphere will be industrious and meticulous. This will be a perfect situation for your calm temperament, tenacious in your activities. This comfortable routine will have an effect on your morale and give you a colourful view on life. The pleasures of love will be well aspected.

Second decan

   (2nd May to 11th May)

You won't find a simple answer to your questions in this climate. Avoid asking yourself questions about the meaning of life or you could stumble on details which will appear to block your way, but in 2 or 3 days tim, could seem easy to overcome. It's a question of things becoming clearer ...

Third decan

   (12th May to 20th May)

All pleasures will be highlighted, especially those to do with creativity. Whether you conceive a child, create a masterpiece or start a new business, it will be a very beneficial day, especially for artists, parents, and those in sales and crafts.

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I like it I don't like it
Taurus JustJude
Posted the 18/03/2019 at 22h17
Thank you, I realize not every Taurean will go through the same aspects of life, but you are right on the button as far as what things are taking up my time and creative buying as we are doing a major job of renovating our condo! At 82, almost, it is a daunting job! However, I was blessed with three wonderful, caring and fun sons, one of which is taking over the difficult job of really getting each project being done ...and on time. We couldn't do it without him. We will be fine and I do roll with the punches, in life! Am I really a Taurus?

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