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Card no. XVIII: The Moon

  Written by Mary
The card that bears the number XVIII is represented by the Moon. There are two houses on the card, as well as two dogs and a lake, in the middle of which lies a giant crustacean. Above all this is the Moon, sending out coloured ‘tears'. The Moon has romantic connotations, and also symbolises the menstrual cycle; it is thereby a sign of femininity, intuition and sensitivity.

The Sun always follows the Moon, and this card symbolises the union of opposites. The card evokes anguish, yearning and illusion. The Moon belongs to the realm of the imagination, the fantastical. When linked to the Star or another positive card, it will be a source of creativity, though not one without pain.

Drawn face up::

The Moon card drawn upright isn't very good – it implies that the consultant feels depressed. They feel negative emotions that are preventing them from moving forward. They are inhibited, and won't dare bring to light what's tormenting them. They tend to live in a fantasy instead of seeing reality as it is. This card can also announce unsuspected danger – the consultant needs to be careful.

Its meanings: illusion, fantasy, depression, pain, madness

Drawn upside-down::

The Moon card drawn upside-down is a bit better. If the surrounding cards are positive, it means that the consultant will be able to get over any psychological problems they have. They will plunge into darkness to find the light again. Upside-down, this card symbolises being incredibly emotionally aware, having great intuition; it's a source of suffering, but one that's also at the base of all creation.

Its meanings: imagination, subconscious, reverie


This is a card that announces something unclear in the life of the consultant, something that will be at the start of some big changes if the neighbouring cards direct it so. If the neighbouring cards are bad, then the consultant can expect to go through a very painful and depressing time.

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I like it I don't like it
Aquarius Cindy
Posted the 28/08/2016 at 14h48
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@Cindy: @Cindy: Finding a husband
I like it I don't like it
Leo Pradeep
Posted the 08/11/2016 at 02h12
Currently i am jobless & Searching for Job. Please tell me when i get the Hand some Salary Job & when my Financial condition will become good.
When my Luck is favour me

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